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A You Do You Community for All Things Parenting


Classes At brings curated classes and events to a variety of neighborhoods, focusing on new families and mothers, encouraging them to parent and live exactly as they are -- while having fun in the process!  Our teachers are also often mamas themselves, coming from the communities that we serve. 


What People are Saying:


New Parenting Pack got me out of the house in those raw, early days of new motherhood. At a time when I felt isolated and still unsure of my place in the world with a newborn baby (and this was my second baby!) and on leave from my job, the class provided me with a community of moms to talk about everything – from breastfeeding to sleep training to my changing relationship with my husband. The still informal, but more structured, approach provided a powerful and safe place to open up and seek advice. I so anticipated my Monday classes that I planned around them! The New Parenting Pack formed an important part of my re-entry into new parenthood and a place to feel connected to moms and to myself. — Yael

Thank you so much. This coaching has been very encouraging. I really appreciate your support. It has helped me tremendously! — Donia

New Parent Pack came at just the right time. The postpartum experience is filled with questions, doubt, and uncertainty, and the reassurance that I wasn’t alone in this journey was exactly what I needed to feel more confident as a new mom. I met so many incredible women through the sessions and have stayed in touch with them ever since. If you’re looking to start building your community of local moms, this is the group for you! — Briana

I LOVE your clases. They have been so important so me. As a new mom I was so confused and nervous about everything and there’s so little help but googling and getting sucked into psycho online threads that are more fear inducing than helpful. — Jenna