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Classes At is a a You Do You Parenting Community offering fun and informative classes and events. Classes At holds gatherings in a variety of venues throughout the Brooklyn and beyond. Groups are often lead by parents themselves, teaching, leading and empowering others. Come, find your tribe. All are welcome.


Leah Wiseman fink

founder, leader, bad mom extraordinaire

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Fifteen years ago, I moved from Michigan to New York City.  I came for a teaching job in the Bronx, and I thought I'd be here for about five years.  Since then I've acquired fifteen years of experience in education, two master's degrees, one husband, two kids, a home, and a very strong parenting community.  Though I never thought I'd be doing it, raising two city kids is one of my favorite parts of living here.  I've made lifelong friends that are more like family, and I get to see this city that ever sleeps through their young eyes.  One of the highlights that specifically brought me to this role was working for the New York City Department of Education on opening brand new schools.  In a full-circle moment, I just enrolled my son in one of those schools for kindergarten.  Another moment that brought me to this work is when I created and led an experiential-learning leadership program for master's degree students in Education Leadership at Teachers College at Columbia University.  Some of the feedback that I got from students was that "it was the highlight of their educational career."  This gave me the confidence to create education for the community that I most know and love. 


tracy michele bullock

wordsmith and consultant 


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