Building Community, One Family at a Time.

established in 2018,

on the playground

It all started when ...

I was walking down the street with my two month old and my four year old.  A fellow mom, who I had met at a baby meet up, walked past me and then yelled out "Stop!"  I turned around and she said, "what you said to me changed everything." 

It all started when I began sharing information about where to send your kids to school. 

It all started when I planned get-togethers with my parent friends so that we could commiserate and support each other. 

It all started when I found my nanny's best friend a family and my best friend's family a nanny.

It all started when a fellow mom told me that she was about to start her second career as a personal trainer.  I took her phone, started her instagram account, and her business took off. 

It all started in Brooklyn.  In my family.  With my friends. Neighbors. Community. My tribe and yours.  It started here